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Do you know the diet of Hollywood celebrities?

Zucchini and squash - Image credit Lovacore

The food menu from Rihanna may be the one that can do you know through a review submitted by a private chef Rihanna, as a picture to be able to maintain a healthy body shape and able to perform in every show.

You may be curious as to what the menu is eaten by herself every day, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, may be mostly nearly identical, but the portion that can be achieved may be appropriate doses of the cook.

Does she eat the same food as people in general?

Rihanna personal chéf, Chéf Debbie Solomon prepare food for her, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack for the owner of the latest album, "Anti".

Debbie Solomon, chéf's native Jamaica as well, citing the sites Pop Sugar, prepare all the food for RiRi - nickname for Rihanna - at home, while on tour, parties, and more.

It takes specific expertise of the chef, "RiRi is a moody eater," she said.

RiRi also often ask for specific foods each day. She did not send a list of menu per week.

As Chéf Solomon said in an interview with Bon Appetit, as usual, she sent a list of menus to suit the wishes of the star.

"(With the previous client) I will send a list of menu on Sunday or Monday and they will choose the menu for this week. Then I can shop and prepare everything."

RiRi usually eat all the protein that may bring harmonization with vegetables, rice, and pasta, she said.

Fans follow her from their social media, the menu is eaten by her, Rihanna and chéf Solomon had uploaded some, like jerk pork with eggs benedict, lump crab meat, bacon, potato hash, shrimp cocktail, oysters, cheese plates, and grilled bread.

When she's traveling, RiRi also brought some condiments, such as bouillon, curry, jeera (cumin), old bay seasoning, adobo, five spice mixture of garlic, and onion powder.

Maybe you will be surprised, but so was she thinking, she took all the spice that she thought the hotel (including the five-star hotel) have in their kitchen.

In contrast to Rihanna, "We do not know what we will eat tomorrow, so why should you have now?"

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Pop Sugar, Bon Appetit
Image: Lovacore Resto and Café - Bali


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