Mocha Latte Able to Improve Work Concentration

Now you can enjoy Mocha latte quiet, as it has a positive impact

Mocha latte - Image credit P Djayasupena

Enjoy mocha latte is purported to give a different flavor for anyone who enjoyed it on a cool evening, you can feel the warmth and sense of calm after entering the oral cavity smoothly.

Despite the assumption that most people enjoy it, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 9, a feeling of warmth and tranquility, it turns out a study showed encouraging results, precisely from Clarkson University, New York, drinking mocha latte turned out to be influential on the job.

This drink is proven to increase the concentration span of a person, as claimed by the researchers, the combination of chocolate and coffee in the mocha is a perfect blend to help a person stay focused.

Other quotations from the site Independent, wrote that researchers from Clarkson University, Ali Boolani, in collaboration with the University of Georgia to examine the effects of chocolate consumption cook to focus and motivation to work. In addition they also investigated the relationship with cognitive abilities, feelings of anxiety, energy and fatigue.

They conducted a series of tests to the participants to enjoy four kinds of beverages, namely chocolate, caffeinated chocolate, caffeine without hot chocolate and non-chocolate drinks and caffeine.

Of course you will be able to follow where the direction of this study, later, those who become participants asked to do the task to show the determination of cognitive function and mood.

An interesting result of this research, those who drank the chocolate just made fewer errors related to deficiency of concentration.

The difference then with those that add caffeine in chocolate, "cognitive effects" appears and "anxiety effect" was reduced.

Studies can then be convinced that chocolate has the potential to increase blood flow to the brain, and improve one's cognitive ability and concentration. You know when later that caffeine alone increases anxiety.

"The study found evidence that chocolate reduces anxiety effects of caffeine."

Boolani more enthusiastic in this research, and then add the statement.

"The results of the tests are very promising and show the chocolate and caffeine is a good choice for students and anyone who needs to improve concentration in a sustainable manner."

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: P Djayasupena


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