Scrambled Egg Secrets by Anthony Bourdain

Breakfast of eggs has become a favorite for most people

Anthony Bourdain in his culinary journey in Vietnam with Fmr. President Obama - Image credit Anthony Bourdain Pages

Eggs as a menu in various types of cuisine has become one of the norm in the world of food, and became one of the basic material for various types of food, so that the eggs can be regarded as the favorites menu.

No wonder when the eggs become alloys fitted with a side dish of any meal, especially enjoyed the breakfast, the presence of eggs has become a healthy habit.

The beaten eggs are one of the preferred menu, but then comes the question for everyone, as discussed in the site CNN Indonesia, March 28, how do I make scrambled egg right and shake up the tongue of people who eat it?

Let's meet up with a celebrity chéf Anthony Bourdain, 60 years, he made a video about the making scrambled egg correct. Hopefully his explanation can satisfy many people, of course.

Nice reviews on the site, a video he made then loaded in the Tech Insider, and how prevalent is the first by heating the pot to be used for cooking eggs.

But, he later added that the pot should not be too hot.

Well, when you wait for the pan to heat, other things can be done to prepare the ingredients of dishes, Bourdain chose to tap the egg on a flat surface before ruptured and poured into a bowl.

According to him, it is necessary as a safe way so that no egg shells come inside.

He will whisk the eggs in a bowl with a fork, but not excessively so whisk yolks and egg whites can be fused to perfection.

One condition of him, the eggs used must be fresh.

"Do not use that is not fresh. If you do, the result will be odd. The color became pale, and there are points that may result from the greasy spoon."

The next step is to embellish it with salt and pepper, but do not mix the herbs into the eggs.

Bourdain avoid creating scrambled egg with water and cream.

"I do not use water or cream. I felt the milk or cream has no effect on my dough."

Then he added, so that the already heated pan together with butter instead of oil.

And, blend the eggs, and then poured into a pan and let some time of it, the eggs can be destroyed with a figure of eight. However, the eggs should be pushed to the edge of the pan and fold it into two parts.

This is it! Scrambled egg as Bourdain's work in your version, smooth and fluffy texture with a beautiful ready to be served.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia,
Image: Anthony Bourdain Pages


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