Europe Plan To Remove Free Visa for US Tourists

Plans remove visa-free policy for Americans who want to visit their country

Street of Paris - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Visa-free policy for citizens of a country to make it easier for citizens traveling to different countries, without barriers, without the administrative hassles, without the distractions of the immigration authorities at airports and other facilities.

But. A reality that is felt less fair, just maybe, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, March 5, a number of European countries plans to end visa-free policy for Americans who want to visit their country.

If it is true occur, tourists from the US can not just go back and forth to the mainstay of the traveler destinations, such as Paris in France or Rome in Italy.

Still a plan, citing Reuters, the policy proposed by the European Parliament because the US has no real reciprocal visa waiver for activities imposed by European governments.

US citizens feel the great benefits, free visit to several countries in Europe without requiring a visa for 90 days. While the policy is applied varies inversely with the US government against the five Eastern European countries.

True, there are five countries in Europe, citing the site Travel and Leisure, which exposed the policy of the United States government, apply compulsory visas for citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania.

This attracted the attention of the European Parliament, they ask the EU Executive, Thursday, March 2 to suspend visa-free policy that has been enjoyed by US citizens since 2014.

So it goes, they took the policy implemented by the government of the United States, a country led by Donald Trump was judged not provide reciprocity to Europe.

Apart steps from the European Parliament, the pros and cons of the application of visas for US citizens still occur in the body of the European Parliament, because with it will inhibit the rate of travelers to Europe.

Data from the US Department of Tourism, 12.6 million Americans have been to Europe throughout 2016, and the problems associated with the establishment of the visa itself has been regulated in EU Law.

István Ujhelyi as quoted by the Telegraph, members of the European Parliament to understand what can happen.

"The impact of terrorism in Europe has great influence on the interest recedes to make European travelers as a destination visit."

He added that the timing was wrong, because it inhibits growth in most sectors to boost employment.

But. Until now, as many as 28 countries that joined the EU supports the implementation of visas for US citizens. And this will be inconvenient.

Source: G Safira Taylor – CNN Indonesia, Reuters, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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