Sakura Bloom Season is Coming Late in Japan

Sakura blossom season will be available towards the end of February and bloom in March-April

Sakura start blooming - Image credit Inn Hafadz

Sakura flowers blooming beautifully in the gardens will make a lot of Japanese citizens leave the house, because it can be said the presence of the spring bodes less cold air.

During the winter they are more often located in the house, warm the body, cook meal that can give the body strength and wear heavy clothing. So the presence of the blossoms of flowers slowly in every limb as if to tell the Japanese people.

"Come out of the house, and see the beauty of Sakura!"

That's the most awaited moment in Japan, while welcoming the spring season is the flower blooming Sakura.

The national flower of the Japanese people, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 28, Sakura does look beautiful, and you know when the Sakura blooming season become an attraction for tourists. Each spring, the whole territory of Japan covered with this pink flowers.

But this flower in Japan bloom at different times depending on the region, and even according to weather forecast site Weather Map, the time of Sakura flower to bloom is expected to arrive late this year.

Do not worry about a situation like this, citing the site Travel and Leisure, February 20, travelers have prepared themselves, and can enjoy the wonderful moment when the bloom of Sakura in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka in March.

They have got the information when in Tokyo, Sakura bloom season will take place from March 25 to April 2. And even before that, the blooming season is expected to take place on March 22.

While in Hokkaido, the blooming season is expected to take place since April 30, while in the Hokuriku and Kanto, will take place in mid-April.

Peoples began to leave their house - Image credit Inn Hafadz

Even if you can not wait to await the presence of this flower, then Sakura had been present beforehand with elegant and beautiful in Kawazu, since Sakura has bloomed there which takes place from February 10 to March 10.

This area is fortunate to early presence of these beautiful flowers, tourists can visit, and prepare for the waters to the east coast of Izu, with a population of less than 8,000 inhabitants.

Indeed, you need to first be in the capital Tokyo, from this town, can ride the train to travel for three hours. And Kawazu will be welcomed warmly.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Inn Hafadz


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