Smartphone 'Charge' in a Café No Longer Free

Café chosen by visitors for many facilities are considered satisfactory, as is the service of electrical facilities

Café and coffee shops, Vienna - Image credit W Sjahran

Choosing an attractive café that appeals to many customers include many things to be considered, they include selecting the consideration of facilities such as service wireless connection (Wi-Fi), and electrical facilities for charging the battery of the gadget.

When you're in a café, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, February 20, is now not just because of the food or the atmosphere fun, but cafés and restaurants have since had many amenities that are considered to satisfy customers.

It is no surprise to anyone, because on the basis of that their customers can linger in a café.

But this time you will be fooled by the policy implemented by a café in Vienna, precisely in the area of Hundertwasser, since last year has set a tariff for visitors that are considered too long to fill their device device.

Galina Pokorny, café owner was annoyed with the visitors, citing the site Reuters, particularly those deemed to have been unheard of in using the free facilities.

"Tourists, always electric, electricity, and electricity. I'm sorry, but who will pay for all that?"

She felt her electricity bill kept rising since the policy of free electricity for the visitors, owners of cafés located in an apartment full of color that set a tariff of one euro for charging fees that are too long.

Of course there are other provisions, the visitors who had ordered food or drinks and charge for 15 minutes, they would not charge or free. However, the policies apply to visitors who have filled their devices for an hour or more, will be charged extra.

Galina rules apply to all communications and similar devices, mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices such as laptops and tablets, and they will multiply the additional costs with the number of attached devices.

"It became more extreme. People come and think everything is accessible and free of charge. You do not even open my eyes in the morning for free."

Apart coverage from the local media were reactive, and little sense of disappointment from some visitors, they can still enjoy the wireless devices free of charge service.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: W Sjahran


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