Luxury Hotels at the Lowest Point of Earth

The Hilton hotel chain is located in Sweimeh, Jordan, which directly to the Dead Sea

The Swimmining Pool, Dead Sea - Image credit Elizabeth h Longbotham

Hotels in the Dead Sea can be a charm for tourists who vacation in the Middle East region, in addition to its unique location, and a more specific one thing this area is an area that is in the lowest place on earth.

Thus it happened, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 30, the place of stay of the Hilton hotel chain with their interesting idea, this is arguably unique concept, because it is in the lowest place.

This time you can pay a visit to the Dead Sea region, an area rich in historical narratives, has stood Hilton Hotel in a location in Sweimeh, Jordan, who deal directly with the Dead Sea, the sea is very high salt content so that the body can float to relax.

A charming and the main attraction for most tourists to try on their own, as reviewed on the site Travel and Leisure, what it's like to swim in the Dead Sea, then your body smeared with mud, as it is known the content of black mud rich in minerals.

Things guaranteed unique, because of the location where the hotel is located is called the lowest point on earth, because it is 394.6 meters below sea level.

Immerse yourself how the atmosphere there, they, the hotel management has been anticipating a guarantee of comfort for guests, Hilton gave the concept in the hotel resort and spa, which was named Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa.

Hilton Hotel has been present there, their first property in Jordan and became the only luxury hotel in the region with 285 Dead Sea-view rooms and direct access to the beach.

Dead Sea in the background - Image credit Elizabeth h Longbotham

It is delivered by Andreas Lackner, the hotel manager, "The Dead Sea is a very unique attraction, combining nature and health concept that invites many tourists to come."

Imagine how the hotel pamper their guests, available facilities to make you feel in heaven present on earth, such as seven restaurants, beach bar, rooftop bar, and spa-style of Dead Sea.

A special moment for traveling in the lowest place of the earth, the flexibility for guests to venture into the surrounding area, such as Jerash, Petra, and Wadi Mujib, which is only 30 minutes from this hotel.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Elizabeth H Longbotham


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