Snowstorm Damage Coastal Region in California

Less favorable impacts on the tourism industry in the surrounding coastal areas

Southbound PCH in Crystal Cove State Park near Laguna Beach - Image credit Infratec

Snowstorm that occurred during the winter now engulfing the region around the coastal of California, it is not profitable and brings considerable loss to tourist areas frequented by tourists.

Travelers often choose the coastal areas, as reviewed in the site CNN Indonesia, March 22, as an ideal area for travelers who have a specific hobby, the world of photography.

But. Snow storm damage has occurred, the reality can be seen clearly, tourist areas on the coast of California was severely damaged.

You can see the previous area is very ideal as a tourist destination area, for example, the region of Highway 1 from mid-February, severe damage, cutting the flow of traffic from the area of Big Sur to the number of areas in California.

Stan Russell, representatives of Big Sur in an interview with AFP on Tuesday, March 22, acknowledged that the improvement of roads that can not be done until the next six months.

"Since February, the weather is still uncertain."

He confirmed that the tourism industry in the region is now flagging since the road was badly damaged. Generally they, the tourists who come to Big Sur will travel shopping or culinary.

"Until the end of last week, there were about 1,000 people out of work. That number will continue to grow."

You can observe the surrounding area, the bustle of people who often happened before, boutiques and restaurants, the inn also suffered major losses as a result of this incident. As another example is Post Ranch Inn.

Fling your step to some lodging places in the surrounding area of the hotel with a room rate for hundreds of dollar per night it is preparing a number of helicopters for that shuttle the guests.

"Our city is at a disadvantage, especially the venue. Post Ranch Inn suffered huge losses."

Damage to make the most of the local population gets the most impact, as many as 450 residents in Big Sur continues to be given assistance by air.

They know that this is not the first time experienced by local residents, given the events of 1983 when the road is damaged and closed for over a year.

Source: Ardita Mustafa – CNN Indonesian, AFP
Image: Infratec via Wikipedia


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