Cat's Paw Ice Cream Flavour in Japan

Trends in Japan, which is also known to have a lot of fans of cats

The Ice Cream, illustration - Image credit S Lee

Aroma of a cat's paw is currently highly preferred by them, fans of cats, according to them is considered a pleasant aroma, it may take a sample of like a crepe caramel aroma, grain, until the scent of sunflowers.

That is happening now, the Japanese people, especially for those who are fascinated and obsessed with cat foot, according to the site CNN Indonesia, March 8, is not new, because it has happened since the time long, long ago.

According to them, when adjacent to the pet cat, they will feel the softness of feathers, cat's paw is thought to have a calming effect that is magical.

Trends on a cat's paw is popular in Japan a few years ago, so you can imagine how they express it. You know, when there is a Japanese company that makes hand cream to make its soft hand like a cat's paw.

And become more exciting, when the hand cream is also intended that their skin has an aroma similar to a cat.

Reviews at a site Oddity Central, on the implementation of the Japan Pet Fair seems to carry an obsession with this cat feet into the more crazy scope. They create the ice cream that has the texture and flavor of cat and dog legs.

It is strange to see how the cat's paw ice cream flavor, isn't it? But in fact this is an ice cream product that can be eaten, visitors are allowed to taste the example in Japan Pet Fair in Osaka, in February 2017 ago.

But. One to be believed, flavor and texture that is claimed as a cat's paw, it does not mean the ice cream does not contain the original cat's paw.

As for the material to process of this ice cream, vanilla ice cream as a base with a few additions include chewy marshmallows and nuts. True, the function of the consistency of marshmallow to imitate a cat's paw, and nuts are used to create the original texture is like a cat's paw.

And to evoke the scent of a cat's paw, the addition of a mixture of small fish in the ice-making material. As for the dog lovers, they made black sesame ice cream flavors with the addition of caramel popcorn to mimic the texture of the dog leg.

This country is known as the creator of various types of cuisine that looks strange, do not be surprised maybe one day you'll enjoy the jellyfish ice cream flavor until the ramen shark ice cream.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: S Lee


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