Swedes Have the Most Helpful Passport

Differences each passport from any country, the most powerful, most influential, and so on

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The most helpful passport among 199 countries in the world turned out to be the property of Sweden, it certainly can facilitate the process of traveling from such citizens, wherever they plan later.

There is a fundamental difference from a passport in a country, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, let's say the easiest by its color to its benefit.

Even in a transparent manner can be known a few countries in the world have the most powerful passport, for example, Germany, referred to as the most influential country with a passport, because the holder can enter 177 countries without a visa.

Another study showed slightly different results from another perspective, a financial management company Nomad Capitalist reported from Travel and Leisure on Monday, March 6, that there is a category of countries with the most helpful passport. Sweden is a place that is chosen, and have a real impact for its citizens.

Although later can be seen, only the Swedish passport holders can enter 176 countries without a visa.

Of course you want to know how to see the benefits of a passport, because there is always a benefit in addition to a visa-free, such as relief from state tax when it was in another country and are allowed to have dual nationality.

Companies that conduct research, Nomad Capitalist, through a series of in-depth research series, found that ten countries occupy the top position with the most helpful passport, such as Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Indeed, you will be asked how the holders of passports from the United States? The country ranks 35th, while Indonesia is in a position to 136, below Cuba and over Burkina Faso.

For anyone who requires a lot of traveling to different countries, even for a tourist, having a passport that can usefully facilitate their travel.

While they may feel disturbed by the state of passports that are less supportive of a trip, say countries that are in the bottom ten positions. And these countries are South Sudan, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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