Free SIM Card at the airport in India

Exciting opportunities when you traveled to New Delhi today

Taj Mahal, India - Image credit L Pandjaitan

Free SIM card will attract many new passengers off at the airport in India, given the communication via smartphones or mobile devices have become an inherent part of life.

Someone will feel lost if they are not able to carry out personal communication with parties outside of themself, with work friends, with close friends, or even with relatives and family.

This time the surprise of a trip to India, once a tourist, or maybe you're also interested, especially New Delhi.

The service certainly know the needs of the passengers who just got off the plane, citing the site KompasTravel, March 8, Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in New Delhi, capital of India, presents a free SIM card to use on your smartphone.

SIM card usage free valid 30 days and will certainly attract the attention of many passengers, because it can be used for calling, texting, checking email, and upload photos to social networks.

Of course you can ask how the internet quota conditions, they provide up to 50 MB, but you can recharge airtime for quota increase, though so you can not call for too long, or send SMS messages too much.

As the quote from the site Lonely Planet, Tuesday, March 7, this time a free SIM card is only available at the airport in New Delhi. Although in the near future there is a possibility of other airports in India will take similar measures.

Mahesh Sharma, India's Minister of Tourism said that this development policy carried out for tourists to facilitate their trip in India.

"This is to facilitate the tourists to communicate with their families and relatives at home. So it is with hotels, tour operators, and others."

Specifically note that the SIM card is provided free of charge to tourists holder electronic Visa (e-Visa), so you need to research first, whether the country is included in the list.

According to the data obtained, until now a total of 150 countries which have an electronic Visa for entry into the country.

The process is believed to be quite easy, tourists stayed shows an electronic visa to an officer.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: L Pandjaitan


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