Middle East Culinary in West London

Many surprises of the visitors to the hubbub around this Middle Eastern restaurant

The Rice - Image credit T El Rosda

Delicious food from the Middle East has always been the hunting object from culinary enthusiasts all over the world, especially the tourists who love a specific food, say a variety of kebabs and typical bread of the Middle East and the possible mixture thereof.

If you traveled to London, you may know, a surprise to anyone, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 6, in the area of ​​West London has turned into a haven for Middle Eastern-style food with faces of visitors are the original London and Londoners immigrants.

They say, you'll forget when you're in London. It seems interesting and worth a try!

Easily you'll find a variety of meat and bread dish typical of the Middle East and manifold of shisha tobacco is presented to visitors.

Who would not be surprised, feel the aroma of a restaurant, you can clearly see the Mövenpick Mediterranean-style building which serves pastries fill minced lamb meat, pizza cheese and thyme herb leaves a distinctive scent.

Those who become a part of it, the chéf was busy preparing the bread that has been baked with shawarma meat as a lunch dish. He would be happy to say, the meat is a combination of lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, buffalo which was baked all day.

They say that the restaurant also serves hookah or shisha, the typical Middle Eastern style of smoked, when smoking tobacco is heated in water to the water and mixed with a variety of fruit flavors.

Try it to the other side, Beit el Zaytou, Lebanon and Iraq-style restaurant recently opened three months ago. Restaurants with furniture logo, they say this restaurant is expensive and classy.

You can immediately enter into, listen to entertainment from a famous singer from Lebanon, Fayruz.

The Sauce - Image credit T El Rosda

Ayman Assi, the owner of the restaurant looked proud.

"Visitors coming from outside the city restaurant such as Manchester and Birmingham. No reservation except Thursday night because there was music."

Shifted slightly to the area of ​​Al Banafsaj, looked dim and remote, believe me, young people actually happy with a place like this, they sat on the sofa and eating a meal that has been presented and smoke the shisha.

The atmosphere instantly bring you to the nuances of the Middle East, initially deserted in the mid-1990s, West London that has changed as a mini Beirut.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia
Image: T El Rosda


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