Swiss, Best Countries in the World

In the best position at the top of Germany who became last year's best

Open Air Restaurant, Munich - Image credit P Widi Hatmi

Best state for everyone indeed be different, especially for its own population, they always say the best country in the world, but many approach is taken and that there should be criteria together.

A data processing company, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, said the joint criteria which is based on certain things, political, economic, and social in a country that affects the survival of the population.

Interesting to know the results of data processing, as it can become a reference for many people who will visit the country, say they, the tourists, will travel to the country with enthusiasm.

As reported by the company data processor based in the United States, US News & World Report, which stated that Switzerland is the best country in the world this year, the country with the population of 8 million people that had defeated Germany which ranks the top on last year.

The report can be the basis in a wider sense, citing the Huffington Post on Thursday, March 8, based on the results of the joint research of University of Pennsylvania and BAV Consulting, with methods of survey of 21,000 netizens worldwide.

Interesting to see the data source is taken as the material they are the netizens, that also peoples of the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, from different social classes and educational backgrounds.

They, the netizen asked to provide life support assessing 65 factors in 80 countries, ranging from landscapes, settlement systems, the opportunity to open a business, military force, to the quality of life for its residents.

This year's countries best sequence, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, Germany and Japan.

The title as the best country is extraordinary, U.S. News & World Report also ranks to countries with various factors of the best in the world.

Brazil, Italy, and Spain topped the list of countries with the best natural scenery.

Canada, Sweden, and Denmark topped the list of countries with the best quality of life.

While the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and India topped the list of countries with the potential to be habitable.

Quite a surprise, the United States dropped to seventh, after the previous year is in ranked fourth.

Indonesia is ranked 39th, before South Africa and after Vietnam, with all factors which scored 2.2.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post
Image: P Widi Hatmi


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