The First Naked Café in Spain

Officially opened to the public are located on the island of Tenerife

Los Roques de Anaga, Tenerife - Image credit Noemi M.M.

Culinary business, especially the café became one of the domain business requires a focus on the owners and managers, they will be looking for ideas to be able to market their products.

Competition became so tight, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 17, especially for entrepreneurs in the culinary field who market their products through the café, they are trying to win the culinary competition.

They offer an interesting concept with a dish of food and drinks that tempt the visitors, it was not enough.

This time a café designed specifically with the visitor and also special and not just any visitor, you can also find those that offer food with a view or a specific recipe.

Even a café with a progressive concept, it seems reckless even taken into account properly and carefully for the culinary business competition, according to the site Bold Sky, they offer a strange concept, unique, even slightly ridiculous, you find it in a café, Innato Tenerife.

You know, when visitors are allowed to sign in for them naked.

Would not you expect before, the outstanding response of the visitors, and popular, because no businessman restaurants dare to do as the owner of the Café Innato Tenerife.

Let's see what the atmosphere in the only one naked café on the island of Tenerife, can you imagine then.

Greeting for visitors when they arrive there, they were asked to change clothes with a bathrobe provided. They will visit a number of sexy entertainment, after that the visitors were ushered into the dining room and asked to take off their bathrobe.

The Café - Image credit Café Innato Tenerife

Meal served at the table, and they ate with their naked body. Even more strange and unique, visitors can enjoy the food presented on the body of a café maid of their choice.

More exciting, when the dessert can be treated in a similar way, and this sensation before you, the café offers visitors to taste the chocolate that covers the body of one of the waitresses.

But you do not expect to record these unique moments with smartphones, should not be! All the gadget should be left outside, in order to maintain privacy and no need to worry that their photos could spread.

Now you know where they are, the manager emphasizes privacy. The guards at the front door to make sure all visitors actually follow the café rules.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Bold Sky
Image: Noemi M.M. via Wikipedia


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