Books of Air Passenger Monitored at Airport

The new regulations from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Knives inserted into books - Image credit TSA

Good books recommended always fun to be with release of boredom when you are traveling by plane, the further your journey by plane, the book can be a loyal friend.

No one rejects the notion of fans of books, so many books to read, especially books by prominent writers of fiction of the world have a place in the hearts of his readers.

Imagine a journey from an airport and you will be a long journey, say on a flight from New York - London, a book of Haruki Murakami, call a title, "Norwegian Woods" that is able to dazzle you, I guarantee you do not feel bored in your flight.

Book and travel seem like running parallel, complementary, but a new regulation, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, the policies issued by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can be a hassle you.

The new rules, reported by Travel and Leisure on Thursday, February 23, mentioned that air passengers should take a book from the bag while passing through airport security checks doors.

As written by the author Roxane Gay, she wrote about her impressions when through airport immigration checkpoint, since the end of last week, many passengers are asked to do so.

She claimed if asked to take a book from her bag to put in containers through inspection by x-ray beam.

Certainly there is an explanation of the TSA, as submitted by their spokesperson, Mike England, said that the new rules are designed to facilitate security checks.

Tweets of books inspection - Image credit Roxane Gay

"Sometimes, passengers carrying too much stuff in the bag, so the attendant difficulties to check it."

Indeed, the policy aims to keep passengers can immediately remove some of the items to be examined by x-ray diffraction.

But. If you can look at certain things, tome brought into the airport deserves to be examined, because during this time many passengers were tucking rogue prohibited items in it, ranging from drugs to weapons.

And, in a long journey, everything related to aviation and passenger security takes precedence, the risk can not be negotiable.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: TSA, and Roxane Gay


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