Organic Café, Gwyneth Paltrow Want Healthy Living

As part of its activities in life, now she's obsessed with healthy living

Gwyneth Paltrow at the French premiere of "Iron Man 3", Paris - Image credit Georges Biard

Famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow can not relax, she still has many dreams to be realized in the near future, and now the wider community, especially the fans can be present in her new café.

She expanded the business, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 28, after exploring the profession as an actress, singer, author food, and founder of the beauty and lifestyle portal.

No wonder when you'll often see in a variety of activities to date, and you can see when he opened an organic café in New York City.

This café will be opened in mid-March, and believe her fans immediately responded positively.

Paltrow open "3 Green Hearts" with the concept of 'pop up' in Tracy Anderson fitness studio in the Hamptons, as reviewed by the Daily Meal, in 2015, then in the autumn of 2016, Paltrow, Anderson, and CEO Maria Baum opened their little café at Church Street, NYC.

She is a woman who has a lot of new ideas, looking for a new new, and she also widen its branches by opening cafés in Midtown Manhattan.

Say you visit her café, she has compiled a menu in the café, coffee, smoothies and a variety of other foods, even healthy foods of Paltrow also serves as a chopper power salads, raw green noodle heaven and healthy frosting shots.

Tossed salad with toppings - Image credit jeffreyw

The presence of the fans is very significant, including visitors to the café, they will see interesting things, such as the display of a 'catchy', a variety of branded souvenirs of Tracy Anderson.

Right, because the café belonging Paltrow is the result of cooperation with the fitness studio to help loss program and maintain weight.

Of course there is a joint statement of all, they call that Tracy Anderson will launch a food program planned to support healthy living and fitness, which can be taken from 3 Green Hearts Café.

They are professional in services, including home delivery. All healthy, fresh, and organic options.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: Wikipedia


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