Tissue in Public Toilet in China Guarded by the 'Robot'

Too often stolen by irresponsible people who do so at the time of the invisible

Close-up of the infrared illuminator - Image credit Maraparacc

Facial scan machines have been installed in several places in the public toilets in China, considering the number of bullies who suddenly took advantage of the management of the tourist attractions.

Indeed hassles will be present if they continue to do things that are not responsible for the valuable equipment worth 6000 yuan.

But now no longer could last much longer, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 21, the thieves of toilet paper will be changing professions with the installation of new technology products, such as facial scan machines in public restrooms.

The government has installed equipment in the tourists attraction in Temple of Heaven, citing the AFP site on Tuesday, March 21, a tourist area in Dongcheng Qu, south of Beijing, since the end of last week.

As known, this equipment has been operated in the Bird's Nest Stadium in June 2016 and provide good benefits, and have been tested for three years.

Before scanning the faces, the government implemented a fingerprint scanning technology to the motion sensor. Facial scan technology selected, because it feels more reasonable, while tech fingerprint scanner can still be tricked with ten fingers.

Now, the visitors will be greeted with a greeting from the machine inside a public restroom Temple of Heaven.

"Welcome! Please stand in the zone of the scanner."

They can use a 60 centimeter tissue sheet that comes out of the machine, toilet visitors had to stand in the zones specified, and through the process of scanning the face of yellow and blue light rubbed their face.

The equipment will perform its duties, the theft of the manager has been troubling many tourist attractions, and their brutality must be stopped.

You may have read the news, how they are, the thieves is not ashamed to carry large bags to be filled with rolls of paper towels are provided free of charge in public restrooms.

Lei Zhenshan, Marketing Manager of Shoulian Zhineng, the company that invented the machine told that they are working hard so that the machine can function immediately.

"It did seem strange. However, many cases of theft made us have to rack my brain to create technology that can correct this behavior."

Now, the facial scan technology is welcomed by most of the tourists visiting the Temple of Heaven.

"This will punish the thieves are troubling," said Pu Meilang, a grandmother who used to spend time around the garden.

Although there are jokes of netizens in social media, "Soon, the machine will also be stolen."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Maraparacc via Wikipedia


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