Sushi Not Always Effective for Diet

Various fields of sushi is often considered to help the diet

Uramakizushi rolls -western sushi - Image credit Mrmcdonnell

The diet program of a person is going to look for a variety of the best ways to control body weight and fitness portion of a healthy body to live a life of everyday urban communities. You often have to understand how the content of rice with a layer of fish, or rice rolls, with various stuffing sushi deemed appropriate as part of a diet program.

They often see the portions were small and extra stuffing is not too many processed makes some people feel the right to eat it.

Do you agree with the assumption many people, that sushi has benefits for weight loss?

A nutritionist, Ika Setyani of MRCCC Siloam Semanggi in an interview on CNN Indonesia site, March 25, acknowledged that sushi has a low fat content.

"Sushi own include healthy food for fat content and low calorie."

As expressed by her then, that basically consists of sushi rice which is useful as a source of carbohydrates, there are additional fish, eggs, seafood as a source of protein and fat.

Sushi also contain little fiber of avocado, kyuri, nori on a sushi roll.

But. Not automatically when talking about potential so food for diet, Ika Setyani revealed that all depends on the type and amount of sushi eaten.

"If according to the daily caloric needs, of course, can help control weight."

She recognizes that the culinary creators often combining sushi be such, contemporary sushi made with extra mayonnaise considerable, teriyaki beef, and chicken katsu. In fact, she says ever find the kind of sushi culinary undergo processing such as fried sushi.

"Without processed, sushi already has a high caloric, by selecting the fried sushi, sushi with stuffing fried until the mayonnaise, it will add a lot of calories in a serving of sushi. Excess calories it would be dangerous to your diet."

In fact, often people who enjoy sushi often eat more than one. Eating sushi would not be able to help you lose weight, if not offset by the number of sushi meal.

The sushi connoisseurs often fooled by the size of the 'small' sushi.

"If you want a healthy diet, you should not forget to consume fiber from vegetables. The problem, sushi actually can not be said to qualify nutritionally balanced, due to lack of fiber, and have a fairly high content of sodium per serving."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Mrmcdonnell via Wikipedia


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