Airlines with Passenger Seat that 'Humane'

Long-haul flights often created difficulties for passengers (especially) the leggy

Comfortable passenger seat is the one that sometimes becomes a consideration passengers will face long-haul flights, they think about things and chairs they sit is one of them.

I thought you would be thinking the same thing when facing an air travel, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 9, there are always specific things you think. Although there are solutions such as ordering a bench in business class could be an option.

There is considerable research recently conducted by a travel website, Skyscanner, it turns out there is the airline that still provide a seat with leg room distance that could be considered humane.

They conducted a series of steps to know about it, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, March 9, an airline origin of Doha, Qatar Airways got the best ratings.

When you are inside the cabin, immediately feels within wide leg room and no extra costs in its long-haul flights.

More interesting is in regular economy class cabin, passengers will receive all the leg room 31 to 33 inches. Especially in premium economy class, leg space along 38 to 42 inches.

Sequentially ratings given to the airline by the human foot space, namely Air India, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines.

Perhaps you can see more information on the site SeatGuru to get input on selecting the best seats.

Comfort for passengers be one consideration for many passengers, searching for information before it flew into one of their efforts, the passengers, in order to facilitate their flights.

Leg room for passengers did seem a simple thing, but some passengers paying attention to details like this, even through SeatGuru, you'll get information about the facilities and services provided for an airline.

Even so, there is also the easiest way to sit comfortably in flight (long distance), one of which was booked a bench near the emergency exit or aisle of the cabin.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Qatar Airways


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