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”World of Beer” opening internship opportunities 'Drink It' during summer

Free beer at Oktoberfest, Germany, Illustration - Image credit R Gurning

Types of great beer are always sought after by fans of beer, so no wonder they love a particular brand will not switch to other brands, even if given for free.

But. There are always exceptions, this time there is a network bars in Florida, World of Beer, which always offers a variety of beer to its customers, they do things differently. Citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, re-opening during the summer internship opportunity for three lucky people.

This is an interesting program, 'Drink It' which offers the opportunity for applicants to taste beers from around the world, with transportation and accommodation costs incurred by World of Beer.

Applicants who are lucky will start an internship from May to August. Of course after going through the interview stage in one branch of World of Beer around the US.

Interesting trips to visit other countries, they are asked to make the material interesting news to be uploaded to "World of Beer" social media.

Even more fun is the payment received US $ 12,000, and will be given access to the famous beer production plant in the world and enjoy a beer as much there.

You can guess when every trip to various countries, they are in a state of 'hangover' after satisfying themselves drinking beer at will.

It will be interesting and sensational!

This program has indeed been running since last year, and you can guess when many extraordinary demand, so that the organizers do not mind to hold back this event.

Terry Haley, CEO of World of Beer, said in an interview with Travel and Leisure on Thursday, March 3, that beer can unite many communities.

"We believe that the story behind the brewery will unite people and communities. Also will carve memories are memorable."

A valuable experience for the applicants that pass the filter, even then they will write and record videos along the way.

No wonder that most of the applicants are those with specific expertise, photographers, writers or actors of social media who likes a culinary tour, especially beer, which is at least 21 years age and are in the United States today implemented an internship program.

Exciting program that anticipated by them, a beer enthusiast, will be closed on March 26th.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: R Gurning


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