Sakura during Winter in Washington

An interesting phenomenon when Sakura flower blooming in the capital

Cherry blossoms at the Monument - Image credit D Nugraheni

Sakura otherwise known as the flower of the Japanese people, it has its own uniqueness, interest has always been known as a typical flower of the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The season is always marked by a certain thing, so the spring in Japan is a flower blooming of Sakura, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 1, the flowers that have bloomed time is only about two weeks a year.

You can enjoy a moment of this national blooms of the Japanese people, and that's the most opportune time when you want to visit Japan.

But. This flower is also growing in other countries with different names locally, and in the United States known as the Cherry Blossom. And at a time that may be unexpected anyway, this flower blooms in winter in Washington.

True, if the winter will outlast six weeks in some parts of the world, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, February 28, the blooming season Sakura or Cherry Blossom in the country of Uncle Sam's already begun.

There are certain things related to weather phenomena throughout February in Washington, this is due to rise in temperature in the range of 26.6 celsius happen with stable throughout the month.

People still remember when in previous years, the air temperature in the same month a range of 8.8 celsius to 10 celsius.

Cherry Blossom has bloomed beautifully, city residents can enjoy, a beautiful flower in Washington has been able to present to accompany the citizens of the city on March 5, which means ten days earlier than the previous record, on March 15, 1990.

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington - Image credit D Nugraheni

Everything was unexpected, even activities that always occurs prior to bloom, schedule of events can be changed to adjust the activity of the flower, would be troublesome the committee of National Cherry Blossom Festival, which has been organizing the event schedule Cherry Blossom bloom season on March 20 until April 16.

The flowers are indeed at certain times will bloom, in addition to Cherry Blossom, then the citizens will also witness the natural bustle of Plum trees were already beginning to bear fruit.

Conceivably inconvenience those who are members of the festival committee, they should speed up the work, adjust the schedule, and the people, the citizens can understand.

For the sake of the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms continue to bloom at the moment of this winter.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: D Nugraheni


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