Vegetable Salad Become a Cake

Culinary trends in merger of the two types of cuisine in one new kind of food

Salad cake - Image credit Vegedeco Salad Café

Salad into a piece of cakes, you will think of how both types of food, different types of cuisine and then merged into a new kind of culinary and you know when Japan became one of the countries that interbreeding food.

When you're in a café, often you are likely to enjoy the cake rather than salad, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 20, although sometimes you know no guarantee eat salad is considered more to bring health.

This assumption is not wrong, eat a salad every day will bring benefits for the body, the texture of crunchy fruit is so delicious when bite.

A mixture of different kinds of fruit contained various vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. Well, what if a particular type of cake combined with a salad?

Thus the current culinary trends, the creators of the culinary world, especially in Japan are experiencing fever to combine different types of certain foods, then gave the new name of the new types of cuisine.

Misuki Moriyasu a Japanese citizen creates salad cake, as written on the site Mashable, a new kind of culinary, salad cake created for the menu in a restaurant Vegedeco Salad Café in Nagoya, Japan.

You can imagine certain types of cake at a café, you're with a 'hangout' friend, can enjoy the culinary masterpieces of Misuki Moriyasu, because he managed to create a healthy cake however interesting to see, eat, and so a new form of salad.

Shadowing of yourself about this new kind of cake, as if you were brought into the atmosphere of a birthday party, so, cake salad is made with a shape similar to a birthday cake in general.

But you will find it different, cake salad unlike other cake, which contains a lot of white flour and sugar from its icing layer, this cake is processed in a different way.

His cake sponge dough is made from soy flour.

Try it and you can see, the icing layer is made of creamy tofu, and Moriyasu guarantee 100 percent gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb, and vegetarian.

Looks delicious, isn't it? Cake decoration using sliced ​​vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, basil, and bits) are commonly used in salads and affixed to a layer of icing.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Mashable
Image: Vegedeco Salad Café - Nagoya


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