Bermuda, Most Expensive Region in the World

Numbeo re-released research related to the cost of living in 121 countries around the world

Jakarta, Indonesia is in rank 83rd - Image credit B Handoko

The cost of living in many countries became one of the reasons also can influence how your tour, when the tourists arrive a bit much they can learn how to carry out daily living in tourist destinations.

Completeness of information daily, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, March 6, how life takes place in a region, through a series of research-based of the database company in Serbia, Numbeo, can be obtained most expensive areas or region in the world.

Say a tourist in deciding on their destination, pack clothes into a suitcase, it is better to observe the behavior of the residents at the destination.

They would benefit knowing the region, according to a release issued by Numbeo, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Monday, March 6, the range of the cost of 50 services that are essential to live in the country, ranging from the price of the rent, the price of goods, the price of a restaurant menu up to internet subscription price.

Open clearly, countries with super fancy region, that the ten countries with the most expensive cost of living in the world is Bermuda, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Japan, Italy, Denmark and Singapore.

But. You will also see the facts on the contrary, the countries with the most inexpensive living costs, Mexico, Tunisia, Moldova, Syria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, Ukraine, India and Egypt.

As a reference for countries with the highest cost of living, the United States is in 18th position and England were in a position to 29th.

As for the countries in the American continent, ten of the 25 countries with the most expensive living costs, Bermuda, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, United States, Uruguay, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Panama.

As an illustration for the countries of the European continent, ten of the 39 countries with the most expensive cost of living, are Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and France.

Interesting to know well the countries in Asia, especially for travelers who are interested in traveling to the Asian region, ten of the 38 countries there with the cost of living is the most expensive, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates Arab, Macau and Lebanon.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: B Handoko


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