New Regulations on Baggage at Dubai Airport

Passengers are expected to avoid carrying the bulging suitcases or baggage

Baggage drop at the airport - Image credit J Tobing

How to pack a suitcase while traveling does have its own art, especially for people who love travel to various countries in the world, carrying a suitcase or perhaps other baggage does take time to organize, to gain entry into a suitcase properly.

Say you're visiting Dubai, quoting the site KompasTravel, March 6, to be ready to anticipate the application of new rules about baggage being applied came into force earlier this month, March 8, 2017.

As travelers is expected to apply more careful when packing luggage placed in the suitcase, certainly hopes of the airport authorities are neatly packed suitcase. They will apply a strict rule, which targets a bag or suitcase with irregular shapes, oversized, and a bag that is round.

Another quote from the site Travel and Leisure, Saturday, March 4, the government requested that air passengers are not carrying baggage that is not packaged neatly and overloaded.

Ali Angizeh, Vice President of Terminal Operations, Dubai International Airport in a press release has been explained in detail.

"Even the most technologically advanced system that can be interrupted by a bag that has an irregular shape or oversized bags."

They intend for the duration of the inspection and the flight also become shorter, because the suitcases neater and facilitate the inspection process at the time of check-in.

"Bags are round shape or do not have a flat surface, it feared would disrupt the baggage system so that it can make a jam in the path of the trunk. Congestion can turn off parts of our system, delaying delivery of luggage to the aircraft, and other inconveniences to travelers."

There is no other choice, Dubai International Airport has 15,000 units of x-ray checking beam container and 21,000 units of trucks of baggage, and is known as one of the busiest airports with luggage service in the world.

Would need a new understanding of tourists and passengers, given the new rules have come into force, and if there is a discrepancy with the criteria, the airport has provided paid to repack the bag.

Source: A Kurniawan - KompasTravel, CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: J Tobing


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