Britain Following No Gadget Policy

After the United States prohibit passengers carrying portable computers or laptops and tablets into the aircraft cabin

Boeing 787 British Airways - Image credit Mark Harkin

Prohibition for passengers from Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa makes many people feel disappointed, and in this case, including parents with children with special needs, as stated in a previous article on this site.

They, the passenger, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 22, in particular from the airport Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and the two airports in the United Arab Emirates to the United States, is required to keep electronic items more larger than a mobile phone in the trunk of cargo, according to the official explanation from government spokesmen.

Chris Grayling, Secretary Transport officials in an interview with BBC UK understand the inconvenience that should be experienced by passengers.

"We understand the disappointment that can be caused by this, and we are working with the aviation industry to minimize its effect."

The impact was immediate for most passengers, followed reviews on the site KompasTravel, today, now passengers can not bring electronic items with a size larger than a smartphone, rather than the size 16 cm x 9.3 cm.

You can find out immediately, electronic products can not be brought into the aircraft cabin, laptops, tablets, e-readers, cameras, portable DVD players, game consoles with larger size of the phone, travel printer or scanner is not allowed into the aircraft cabin and should be put into the trunk.

Of course there is a mixed feeling for passengers, they feel less comfortable with the current situation, disappointed.

They have a reason, not just the electronic device used before the flight, bringing valuable electronics to the same cabin with a guarantee of loss or damage when placed in the trunk.

Perhaps an explanation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the US can provide a little bit understanding, this prohibition was made to prevent acts of terror, security considerations. They believe the terror still make flying as a goal.

"Applying additional security measures, improve the ability to reduce the effort (terror) further to overseas aviation industry."

Some other airports in Asia soon adjust to the new rules in the United States, to ensure flights are prohibited to bring any electronic devices into the cabin in addition to mobile phones and smartphones.

Now the change has occurred, and the impact on the six British airline, including British Airways and EasyJet, as well as six foreign airlines including Turkish Airlines.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, CNN Indonesia, AFP, The Washington Post, Smarter Travel, BBC
Image: Mark Harkin via Wikipedia


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