Stay at Banksy 'Gloomy' Hotel from USD 30

Banksy is an artist from Bristol, England which is known for works of great graffiti

Piano Bar at The Walled Off Hotel, Betlehem - Image credit Banksy Site

Banksy is a mysterious artist, he/she is widely known by the works of graffiti that is difficult to detect, but you will be able to see his works, such as painting, stenciling, (and which made him famous) graffiti that is unique, exciting and funny.

Just knowing himself, graffiti was outstanding and always carries a message of humanity, justice, and (despite sounding ironic) environment.

Now he is present in Bethlehem, a hotel that impressed a little bit 'gloomy', citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 11, officially opened last week, which is part of his (or her?) installation art near Bethlehem Wall.

Banksy named The Walled Off Hotel, and is located in a controversial border between Palestine and Israel.

More recently, citing NME on Saturday, March 11, Banksy released a statement related to the construction of the hotel 'with a view of the worst in the world', along with his political views.

"It is exactly one hundred years since the British control of Palestine and began to organize the region that led to chaos."

Communicating with Banksy is always associated with some of the things, one of which political issues.

"I do not understand it exactly, but it's a good time to recall what happened when the British made a mistake in determining its political step."

The Walled Off Hotel chose to be unveiled in early March, and this is the moment for the invitees to witness the legendary British singer, Elton John, entertained the guests invited to the opening party.

"I do not understand the piano, I only think of one name when talking about it."

Banksy is serious with the opening ceremony, so take the initiative to send an e-mail to Elton John, and immediately agreed to participate in the opening of the hotel.

It is done by remote communication technology, Elton John plays his music in remote broadcast televised hotel.

The event was festive, because after serving great songs of the singer, Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack will also be scheduled to appear in The Walled Off Hotel, with the same concept.

The Walled Off Hotel has come up with rates ranging from USD 30 to USD 900 per night, eight types of rooms are offered to guests directly to Betlehem Wall scenic (for a particular room type).

It seems that enthusiasts (mostly foreign tourists) have filled the room booking to 30 June.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, NME
Image: Banksy Official Website


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