Flippy, Robot Workers at Burger Restaurants

The Robots do not want 'just' a resto servant, now they do it more complicated

The Flippy, the kitchen assistant - Image credit Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics is a manufacturer of robots that seem to be very aware ins and outs of the culinary world needs, they provide the latest work that can simplify the work of a restaurant.

Now comes the Flippy, the robotic kitchen assistant as the latest generation of the robot before, as reviewed by the site CNN Indonesia, March 14, the robot wants to prove he is capable of better than you can imagine.

They, already tired of the robot becomes a mere only a waiter/ess, he said, that he was able to cook a home-cooked meal and pour the beer for you, now they also can cook fast food.

You can imagine for a period ahead, if they are robots capable of doing it, so how the role of a wife in the future?

As written in the Daily Meal, that now Miso Robotics create a robot to make a burger, Flippy, he is a robot whose job is to flip the burger meat was baked.

It's interesting to see Flippy activity, agile and effective for never asking for huge wage and always make the perfect burger every time.

If you're still curious, come see how Flippy create his debut at the burger restaurant, “Pasadena CaliBurger”. Flippy will indeed prove that he can, as success can make his brothers and sisters can work in a variety of restaurants in the United States.

Miso Robotic indeed serious in their work to give something meaningful in the culinary world.

"Ownership of Al software allows us to adapt a kitchen assistant. And because it can be trained to do almost any task assigned dull, dirty, or dangerous on a commercial kitchen. For example frying chicken, cut vegetables, or platting."

The Flippy ready for work - Image credit Miso Robotics

The enthusiasm of the owner of the restaurant when Flippy started working, he is already programmed with additional heat sensors on the arm. No wonder he knows, because the heat sensor that immediately signals to Flippy, the robot, that meat is done and ready to be reversed.

It does look sophisticated, but Flippy still need the help of his servants to complete its work before it is presented to their customer guests.

Do not worry about the waiters, they will receive another assignment to the front liner, thus Caliburger.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, Pasadena Star News
Image: Miso Robotics


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