Consider This Before Buy Air Tickets

8 things feasible for you to consider before making air travel

Travelers get ready to go to the departure gate - Image credit M Kretyawan

Onward travel by airplane has become an integral part of most of the tourists, especially for the location and distant tourist areas, different countries and need the help of long-haul flights that can be achieved with good and well-planned.

You'd better be able to consider a few things, quoting the sites KompasTravel on March 31, because should you check for tickets purchased, and avoid losses due to wrong buying.

Consideration needs to be done well, citing a review of the site Smarter Travel, few things worth doing.

1. Researching about the destination airport

You know when some cities in the world have more than one airport, a mistake often made by travelers is tempted by the cheap tickets to the airport but with far distance to the city destination.

Try to check out the virtual map of the airport before booking a flight.

2. Difficult transportation at the destination

True, if every airport has a public transportation facility and the different transport policies, tourists will look for public transport at affordable prices, but some airports do not allow online-based transportation services.

You can be sure before buying a plane ticket, and know the transportation to the accommodation of choice.

3. Examine the lowest price

Important! You can use the app or site ticket comparator.

4. Hours and transit time

Should examine the length of transit time, and the schedule flight hours. You can explore the city of transit, or it may simply be waiting at the airport.

Ensure hours of transit and time stamp in accordance with the flight ticket you want.

5. The Airlines

You can read some reference about the reputation of an airline would you riding, unless you really have a loyalty to one particular type of airline.

This contributes to security, comfort and your luggage.

6. Direct Flights

Examine carefully your flight, direct flying or changing of aircraft/airlines. Suggestions should choose a direct flight to save travel time and did not make the body tired.

Another important thing is the transit information and flight duration.

7. Insurance

Indeed, most of people often ignore the air travel insurance, in fact, important to have travel insurance.

You can consider this insurance for the unfavorable weather (bad weather), the state of conflict, or the airline with poor reputations.

8. The validity of the passport

You should be checking the validity period of a passport, it is vital if you want to visit a country. Average of countries impose the rule of the active passports come into force six months before it expires.

Avoid air ticket purchases are less conscientious, the impact is ultimately failed to enter the country for the period of validity of the passport.

Consideration is good for all travelers, especially for those who frequently travel by airplane. Good preparation provides a pleasant sightseeing trip.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Smarter Travel
Image: M Kretyawan


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