Enjoy Hot Crater from the Home Screen Computer

A cheaper way through the technological sophistication of Google Street View

Lava lake in Marum crater, Ambrym Islands - Image credit Geophile71

Adventure into the hot crater could be one option for travelers looking for a different challenge, especially travel enthusiasts of the outdoors, with a visit and see firsthand how a crater radiating heat into the surrounding air. Thrilling, but delicious!

That is the way to enjoy the scenery of hot lava in the crater of the volcano, the site cites CNN Indonesia, March 16, for example in Hawaii tourists can use the services of a travel agency that has licensed and qualified security procedures.

But. Technology is growing and everybody gets convenience, cheap and harmless. Now you can try on a computer screen at the home of a new technology, Google Street View.

Facilities provided by this application become so great, not only looking for the address, but also can be used to enjoy the natural scenery.

You can try it yourself to venture into the Marum crater, located in Ambrym Islands, Vanuatu.

Maybe you already know, how the crater spitting out hot lava that still continue to fluctuate, so that it becomes a unique natural phenomenon.

It seems that Street View makes you be so easy exploring the natural wild, with the help of two explorers to descend into the crater and documented through the Street View Trekker camera, with 360 degrees documentation function, which is usually planted in the car of Google.

They both, trust is very proud of all the adventure that has been done, a mission from the management of Google.

Geoff Mackley, one of the explorers in an interview on the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, March 16, acknowledged that this journey to realize himself as a man.

"I can not imagine how little humans while being there."

He made preparations along with a companion, Chris Horsley, they underwent intensive training beforehand. Horsley says that this is really a great adventure, exploring a crater twice the size of a football field.

"While we were there, my heart did not stop pounding. Coupled with the extremely hot temperatures."

Naturally they hope with this adventure, it can make a lot of people increasingly appreciate the natural beauty around the world.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Geophile71 via Wikipedia


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