Is Sushi Healthy?

One type of Japanese food made from raw fish

Nigiri-sushi and temaki at the upper right - Image credit Nesnad

Sushi as a lifestyle in big cities are easily found in many cities in the world, the Japanese food that is slowly entering the modern life and a place in the culinary connoisseur. No need to wonder if the food has become one of the favorite food among the urban community.

It seems you can get acquainted beforehand, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, March 25, sushi consisting of rice, fish, and vegetables is considered a healthy food for consumption.

Questions on most ever enjoyed, whether sushi is really as healthy as it was?

Let's ask a nutritionist, Inge Permadi said, despite healthy to eat sushi made from raw fish as conveyed in an interview with the site.

That the food is healthy, because it contains nutrients.

"In addition, the nutritional value is quite high because it did not experience a lot of processing. Sushi raw fish can also be a source of protein."

She gave an example, nigiri sushi consists of rice and raw fish but it contains protein, carbohydrates, and fats that the body needs.

And you know when a fish known to contain Omega-3 high. Protein is needed by the body as a builder substance, while rice is the carbohydrate source that is used as an energy source.

However, she should avoid to eat sushi at random, one may eat sushi in accordance with the needs of the body. In other words, in a normal size, a person requires 55-60 percent carbohydrates, 10-15 percent protein and 30 percent fat.

"Its so limit that number of calories we consume should be in accordance with our needs. Do not overdo it."

Enjoy a variety of foods does not mean eating excessively, because it would be harmful to the body as well as body weight.

"The second, the food should be with a good composition. One hundred percent means according to our needs, the composition needed in our daily lives."

She added at the end, third, make sure meat fish served in sushi was fresh, so its high protein content.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia
Image: Nesnad via Wikipedia


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