Tourism Destruct Harmony of Life in Barcelona

The city government plans to establish new rules for travelers

Parque de Montjuic, Barcelona - Image credit E Puspa

World tourism is being stretched in many countries, so the arrival of a wave of tourists from various parts of the world as if it does not stop, especially in tourist areas featured in the world located in Europe, one in Barcelona.

But the reality was different going on, the city of Barcelona as increasingly allergic to the arrival of tourists, they do not want the presence of the new hotels in the city center, because they damage the livers harmony in the city.

Barcelona may invite the presence of millions of world travelers, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 2, for example, last year, as many as 32 million tourists come to Barcelona.

There is no denying that when tourism to sustain the economy of the country and the city, like Barcelona that got foreign exchange from the presence of tourists by 14 percent.

The fact that the case for residents of the city, as reported by Travel and Leisure on Thursday, February 23, the city government set new rules, among other things reduce the presence of the construction of hotels in the city center.

Tourism does give an option for the two sides of life, good revenue for the country, but the tourism industry also have a negative impact, such as the increase in goods and property prices, in order to make profits as much as possible from tourists.

It can not be postponed, as performed by the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, when she announced the new rules in the draft, entitled 'Strategic Plan For Tourism 2020', solely after a lot of criticism from local residents.

Many things covered in the new rules, how to deal with rising property prices, the government will apply a high tax on entrepreneurs inn venue. Likewise, as stated in the preceding paragraph, the government will not issue permits for the construction of a new inn venue.

All parties affected by such rules, even tourists bus parking tour tariffs, which will affect the increase of the tourist bus ticket price.

Things like development of a few car-free zone and controlling eating places that take a pedestrian area.

Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor, in an interview with NPR, "We realize that a lot of people who love our city. But we felt like at the amusement park, too many places to eat, lodging and souvenirs are lined up along the road."

Indeed, the city is not just for tourists, because it is also a place to live and life for the people in the city of Barcelona.

Source: Ardita Mustafa – CNN Indonesia, NPR, Travel and Leisure
Image: E Puspa


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