Tourists Hassles Residents of "Hollywood" Neighborhood

Every year about 10 million tourists visit Griffith Park, the location of the "Hollywood" symbol

"Hollywood" sign, Griffith Parks, Los Angeles, California - Image credit L Priyanti

Iconic symbol of "Hollywood" is so famous certainly nobody who doubts this, thus becoming one of the attractions for tourists who are visiting Los Angeles, or more specifically to the top of the hill of Griffith Park, where the symbol is standing proudly, as calling you from a distance.

Tourism wherever always bring the two sides of it, as reviewed on the site CNN Indonesia, March 15th, the iconic symbol it makes a lot of people who came to Los Angeles, from which want to just take pictures up a career as a movie star.

According to the tourism agency in the United States, there is always plenty of presence of tourists each year, reaching around 45 million tourists come to Los Angeles.

And, you know when they are about 10 million people have a desire to come to the top of the hills of Griffith Park, the 22nd largest park that exist in the America, with an area of approximately 43.1 hectares, satisfy curiosity to witness the iconic sign of “Hollywood."

Well, on the other side of the world for tourism, the presence of the tourists did not make happy around 23,000 people living around the symbol.

No need to wonder, the crowds in the neighborhood, local residents affected, especially at the weekend, where the road becomes very congested.

It is a fact that can not be avoided, requires both hated their presence, the tourists. And this has happened in a very long time since from the past.

Interesting note from the world of tourism, as reviewed by the sites Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, March 15th, because it seems the locals will take legal action to prohibit the rating climbed the hill to the symbol.

Hollywood sign - Image credit Thomas Wolf

True, it happens when the tourists could climb by going through Beachwood Drive area, which is about 1.9 kilometers to the top of the hill.

Local residents around certainly makes some limits which are allowed and which should be avoided, residents will be asked the tourist hike of the area Canyon Drive, but the distance to the peak will be further, which is about 3.2 kilometers.

The rules have not received approval from the party that has the authority, but the 'nuisance' is still present today.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Los Angeles Times
Image: L Priyanti - NY, Thomas Wolf via Wikipedia


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