Luxury Hotel with Most "Followers" on Instagram

Instagram is considered as one of the potent effective media campaign

Burj Al Arab, Dubai - Image credit D Upala Poucin

Most follower in a social media can indeed make a person or perhaps more broadly is a business entity, such as airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes and various other culinary services business, for example, use it as a form of advertising in itself.

Maybe you know a lot of social media has the power to make a promotion, today many people take advantage of the uniqueness of social media Instagram, using photographs as the beginning of a form of communication with others.

World tourism is one of the busyness of the world today is a major concern, citing the site KompasTravel, March 7th, social media makes it more festive, various photographs of travel uploaded to social media, thus making the pronmotion for the location of photos that have been uploaded by someone.

You know one of the hotel-management knows the power of social media, they create their own Instagram account.

They have been widely known, luxury hotels, and perhaps most famously, in the Middle East has the highest Instagram followers. Here it was, Burj Al Arab with @BurjAlArab account today, Tuesday, March 7 has 509,000 followers on Instagram.

The caption written on their accounts in the video uploaded on February 21, 2017.

"Half of million 'Thank Yous' to Reviews those who made @BurjAlArab the world's most Followed hotels on @Instagram #BAA500k."

Burj Al Arab on Instagram

Of course you need to know exactly where the location of this hotel, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Burj Al Arab at first glance looks like a sailing boat. You will be fascinated by the shape of the building of a luxury hotel like this with a model of the curve, then dashing towering into the sky.

Many things you know, this hotel has 202 rooms, all type of suite, with rents ranging 9500-60000 dirhams per night.

More striking when you're in the area around the hotel, feel yourself a variety of facilities to be made available for their guests.

As written in the sites Lonely Planet, Burj Al Arab has a giant aquarium, five swimming pools and a private beach, nine fancy restaurants, and a variety of other upscale amenities.

Famous hotels were the talk of the tourists who vacation in Dubai, it's no wonder to be able to stay you should book well before arrival.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: D Upala Poucin


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