Millenials More Concerned Photos Rather Than Eating

69 percent milennial generation has a habit to take photos or videos of food

Sweet cake - Image credit Stevi Lee

Narcissistic photography and upload photos of the food it is capable of making anyone feel wanted, the desire to look for the food served at social media sites, even colorful food can make you hungry.

You would not be surprised to see various pictures of the food was uploaded to social media sites, so that over time for users to be more important picture taken rather than eating.

Not eating makes you hungry, but they are the millennial felt it was not important, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 2, the millennial generation is no depleted creation, if it is present and it came to be recognized in social media.

They are willing to hunger in order to appear narcissistic on social media sites. Certainly.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Maru/Matchbox, about 69 percent milennial generation has a habit to take photos or videos of their food before eating their meal.

Through their habits which become visible all reasonable, the internet provides a place for expression, they could channel their obsession with food. You know when the presence of sites that offer an opportunity to show photos, like Instagram that makes them feel at home.

Now you can see them, the millenials, exhibiting photographs of food in social media may be a little higher than their favorite display their action while shopping.

The study also shows that, when they are shopping, about 60 percent of the millennial generation will show off their photos on social media. While at the time of going to eat their meals, presentations higher at 69 percent.

You can see the comparison in those aged 35 to 49 years are also happy to put pictures of their food, but slightly lower than the millennial generation, about 45 percent.

And, only 21 percent of those aged 50 years following the millennial habit of it.

It is interesting to see the symptoms that are present today, especially in the social media, the study of about 1,019 Americans aged 18 to 34 years, divided by region, age and income results.

Habits were present, taking photographs of food, even some of them, aged 35 years and over admitted as an expert in cooking.

Source: Syanne Susita - CNN Indonesia
Image: Stevi Lee – Melbourne


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