Healthy Breakfast ala Kylie Jenner

She made it her own, simpler and less complicated

Kylie Jenner, interviewed for "Nip and Fab" skin and body care - Image credit Marc Zapanta

Kylie Jenner does have its own influence among young people in the world, the youngest girl who bears the name of the Kardashian and Jenner clan. You know when she later received a lot of influence of her older sisters in her family of sensation.

But she has a different lifestyle in certain respects, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 15, let's say you want to know what she prepare food in the morning, breakfast ala Kylie Jenner.

The flurry of herself as a socialite, model, and reality television personality, did not make her relaxed, when she was preparing breakfast, as seen through her social media and personal blog.

Kylie showed that she was not a celebrity that everything is prepared by a personal chéf, but also can make it by herself in the kitchen, so reviews on the site Food Beast, turkey meat sausage, egg and sautéed rice become one of her favorite breakfast menu.

Seemed she proudly wrote on her personal blog, the 19-year-old model split leaked some her breakfast menu, which is less of a choice of omelette or truffle, and I assure you it's not a cheap breakfast.

She has an open personality and confidence, through recording the activity of preparing her breakfast through Snapchat, as shown the last year, Kylie ever cooked bacon, chicken mixed with apple cider, and a French-style toast coated with Frosted Flakes.

It seems she is capable of, you can be doubted her in cooking, but what has showed shown she can. Her activities in cooking so proud about, so it has been shown many times.

You can see other facts, when she making waffles combined with cinnamon and Pillsbury rolls added on the waffles.

When you open her personal blog site, blog readers will get to know, a special feature titled “Cooking with Kylie”. True, she is confident when sharing some diet recipes, such as cinnamon waffles, smoothies and other favorite breakfast menu.

Kylie continues to move, without stopping, after introducing her beauty product line series, she seems to want to enter new markets in the culinary world and food connoisseurs.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Foodbeast
Image: Marc Zapanta via Wikipedia


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