Cafés in America Bans Laptops

Nowadays people often look different from the atmosphere rather than the workspace

Café Comercial, illustration - Image credit Café Comercial

Café to work are different options for the working place is relaxed and is not bound by the rules in the office, for many young people professionally, bring laptops into the café is customary that occur in everyday life in the big cities.

Indeed, one advantage of carrying a laptop rather than in the workplace, are the hallmarks of cafés provide plenty of electrical connections and free wireless.

Well, what if there is a café that prohibits you bring a laptop into their drinking place?

True there is a café that prohibits guests to bring a laptop, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 2, Kibbitznest in Chicago Lincoln Park is one of the café, which bans the use of a laptop in cafés.

They, the management of the café, have a different view, because it wants to restore the 'natural' café guests to a time when the Internet has not entrenched.

Quoting the article on the site Travel and Leisure, the café manager wants to restore human interaction during their meeting in the café.

You can imagine when you come to one of the cafés like this, even alone, the café is advised to read the book, rather than working with your laptop.

Sound romantic and impressed a return to the old days, this café also present a variety of board games and cards to her guests.

Even more unique, they also present a typewriter usable for everyone. You try to think about it, what's with all this?

This typewriter machine can also be used to type a letter or a little note. Looks like an old times, isn’t it?

Even from many experiences of people who've been, they apply the rules of the café with the book, such as not providing a wireless connection facility. Likewise, the rules to keep the laptop in the bag storage and phone should be used wisely.

And an excitement in other rules, they asked the guests, "Tell the story, laugh out loud, rather than shouting."

Now you know, they are the managers look for a different kind, because the café they are more directed to them from the community to read, learn, and music performances.

Food? Naturally provided with good and tasty beer, wine, and liquor. Ice cream, cheese, and hot dogs are also available. Even Kibbitznest bring a snack for after exercise.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Café Comercial, Spain


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