10 Countries' Speak Fluent in English

According to survey results from the EF English Proficiency Index

Street shops in Vienna, Austria

Its Inhabitants fluent in English makes the travel destination more comfortable, even for most tourists, they feel more confident on the way to the country destination where people can communicate with the tourists.

You can imagine it to be a tourist trip, I was able to understand English because it is accepted as the language used by the people in the world.

You know it's fun for tourists from the United States or Britain, so the article on the sites detikTravel, November 8, they, especially the tourists can easily reach the countries where the population is fluent in English. And, it is proven there is countries in the world where people speaks English, you know when the English arguably is not their native language.

Of course this is done needs to be done a series of evidence in the field, the international language company, English First release of EF English Proficiency Index which includes countries that people proficient in English, and as a result, many people in the world will feel the benefit when they do a vacation.

Through a series of tests later known that since 2011 up to the latest, Sweden has always occupy at least top four in English proficiency, then follow the Netherlands in second. The countries in the following order can you see on the list in the paragraphs that follow, this is very interesting, isn’t it?

You can use the data results of this research in selecting a travel destination, a little more help on the way, the traveler has the ability to speak English, could certainly use countries such purposes as a reference to the other countries.

There would be plenty of information available after doing a lot of social contacts with locals. You can discuss these countries in a trip with friends.

1. Sweden
2. Netherlands
3. Denmark
4. Norway
5. Finland

6. Slovenia
7. Estonia
8. Luxembourg
9. Poland
10. Austria

It's nice to be able to chat and communicate with local people easily without the need to learn their mother tongue.

Source: J Randy Prakoso – detikTravel, EF
Image: W Sjahran


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