Flights, Google's New Service to Book Tickets

Google Flights present beforehand in Southeast Asia

Flights - Image Credit Google

Indonesia became one of the countries in the Southeast Asia region that receives product presence service to order plane tickets, Google Flights. And, this app complements the travel-oriented products from Google, before this we already know Google Trip that draws attention.

I think you're worth a try, the service manager of a trip made by Google, officially present, according to official information that I gained, so the portal sites Kompas, you can compare and book air tickets easily by phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

And, I immediately tried browsing on search sites, and wanted to try out where the location of the advantages and features.

Citing the sites KompasTekno, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Google's official statement added, "Our goal is to show results quickly, determine the best time, then consider the option of the existing flight and booked the tickets."

They seemed so confident to develop products through internet services to the Asian region, especially for example in Indonesia.

"Everything you can do it easily."

The latest product in booking this provides content in the language and currency of the country concerned, users can do some things, snippets that contain the lowest available flight information and pricing, transit information, and a long flight.

It is appropriate to the current generation, the millennial, they tend to live with the gadget, has always been a part of the lifestyle, even when they want to travel. When opening a gadget, they will try some service to get to the tourist attractions are preferred.

They, the youth, can choose the date of departure, after choosing the date of departure and return, the user will see a list of "Best Flight" featuring the combined factors of convenience and price.

In fact in some cases they just want to try, also check notifications via e-mail, it can happen.

If in a situation they are not ready to book a ticket, the user can choose to monitor the price in order to receive alerts by e-mail when prices are expected to change or when the price has indeed been changed significantly.

Many possibilities occur, and travel to the community of young people are always appreciated and become a necessity for them, traveled and always live a healthy life.

The new service from Google seems to know very well, they added, "We hope that users can plan a domestic or international travel with Flights."

Source: RK Nistanto - KompasTekno, Google
Image: Google Flights


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