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Airports are often the object of photography passengers

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Most exist on Instagram airport has become a common thing when you open up the social media sites, somehow very fond selfie users and take action using the photo at the airports.

Passengers on a plane even used the airport as a new image object for most of them, even became a tourist destination of its own with interesting spots.

Citing news on the sites detikTravel, Tuesday, November 15th, 2016, which took the news release from Wego sites, eight airports in the world are selected as most airports exist in Instagram.

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi has always been elected in recent years as one of the best airports in the world by various rating agencies and observers from airports in the world.

Various world-class facilities, such as Dean Wicks said, Chief Flights Officer and expert aviation from Wego said, "Singapore Changi Airport is extraordinarily popular among users of Instagram for its installation exhibition of creative, smoking area like a garden of sunflowers, as well as the annual festival of Christmas and Chinese New Year. However, the installation of the Kinetic Rain in Terminal 1 is the most photographed."

2. Los Angeles Airport, USA

The airport is often referred to as LAX, an unique name. Travelers love this airport, they like vying want to show off their photos with LAX Airport background.

"The epitome of LAX iconic most often the object, in addition to a number of celebrities who are passing there also contribute to the number of tag location. In addition to awards shows, the airport also has a reputation as the place to see the world celebrity or star spotting," said Wicks.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

3. Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand

Travelers love the area around the airport with its uniqueness typical Thai-style, and is interesting enough to be photographed by the traveler, such as corridors and dome-roofed pagoda-style ethnic design.

As known in 2012, the airport was touted as the most frequently airports appear on Instagram. Wicks added, "Helmut Jahn, German-American architect who designed the Suvarnabhumi Airport has successfully combines the concept of the local culture with a futuristic experience which is favor by the traveler."

4. Heathrow Airport, England

This airport is often the object in some famous movie, and tourists would assume the same thing about its spot. One of the busiest airports in the world, so as to grab the attention of tourists worldwide who visiting London.

Wicks agreed with the tourists, "London's Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the world is also very Instagrammable among travellers. The object was varied, ranging from food photos ala English breakfast, drinks in the departure lounge, and a passport photo."

The next instagrammable airports to be continued in the second part of this article, there are still about airports favored by tourists of the world as an object of photography on their social media sites.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: A Farhan - detikTravel, Wego
Image: M Kretyawan, R Hastuty


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