Recording Attractive Moments When Travelling

Tips when flaunt scenic sites via upload a photo or video

Tourists in Amalfi, Italy

Upload photo or video in social media makes it all possible, a lot of things revealed in an instant of time, including when you're doing your travel trip. Power of social media to impart information, and even better views of special places.

Although seem easy, there are often difficulties occur, as written on the sites CNN Indonesia, rating the difficulty to record the moment, because so many visitors who come, especially when he/she was alone.

The best way reviewed by a site, makes tourists can overcome difficulties when taking the best photos.

1. Arrive early

When the situation is still quiet and freely take photos from different angles, please note the operating time of a tourist destination and arrive early.

2. Avoid weekends or holiday season

A popular tourist spot in the state must have been crowded. Be sure to find time vacation in a place to be visited, if necessary, on vacation during weekdays, because at that time most of the tourists have gone home.

3. Looking for an unique angle

Things that interest is iconic tourist attractions. The situation was very crowded and claustrophobic, this is less than ideal situation to be photographed. You can try other ways with moments from a unique angle, so that photos or video produced unusual.

4. Use selfie sticks

Selfie sticks can help travelers to record the moments of a higher angle, so no need to bother tiptoe carrying a camera.

5. Say politely

When there are people standing and blocking objects or moments of photos, you can submit it politely. Ask if they can move for a while.

Sunset in Amalfi

6. Take the object of others

When you're traveling alone, you can be friendly, always a smile and offer to take pictures of other people who are preparing to take a picture. Once they are satisfied to see the picture, immediately ask them to take turns to shoot you. This is an opportunity to make new friends.

7. Remain patient

When in a situation throngs of tourists, remain patient and wait for a turn, without having to waste energy murmur or regret because a lot of people in the photos or videos were recorded.

You must always believe, there are always other interesting moments await after a good moment missed. The more often you take an object and moments of good photos, your skills will be honed.

Source: A Ekasari Larasati - CNN Indonesia,
Image: G Lasiasari


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