8 Best Cities Travelling in Europe - 2

Many other cities there, but travelers always choose as their first goal

Pizza of Venice

The artworks of Europe that is a resounding, no doubt by the tourists who are on vacation to Europe, in addition to the tourists still spoiled culinary riches of the results if the creations of its chéf, making tourists feel comfortable during their vacation.

Europe save many stories of past history, an epic tale, presented through works brilliantly appropriate architecture of the era heyday of Europe, according to excerpts from a travel site, can make tourists always want to return to this continent.

Venice, Italy

A romantic city with narrow streets, small alleys, and a maze of canals and romantic bridges when you stroll in Venice, including the Grand Canal or the Rialto Bridge. Enjoy the journey with the gondola that break your heart with someone in your heart.

Kissing under the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Vision) becomes taboo for boys, although nobody will forbid you to do it. The legend of this bridge, for example, the lovers will gain eternal love and happiness if they were kissing in a gondola under a bridge, at the time of sunset along with the ringing of a bell from the Basilica Di San Marco.

You can enjoy an espresso or a spritz, a typical Venetian drink made from ice, Aperol, white wine and soda, at a roadside café. There are the famous Bellini cocktail drinks, coming directly to its origin author at Harry's Bar.

Brussel, Belgium

The city is called as the capital of Chocolate World, they’re seriously about chocolate, they have the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, and need not be surprised that the average resident of Belgium consume more than 7 kilograms of chocolate each year.

A chocolate artisan, Jean Neuhaus with his Neuhaus brand is still a favorite piece of cocoa sales. In addition the city have about five hundred chocolate artisans, including Corne Port-Royal and Pierre Marcolini.

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Besides the chocolate, they also seriously on beer beverages, you know when Café Delirium presents more than 2,000 beers, including the famous Delirium Tremens, Belgian Trappist and Abbey ales, available even chocolate beer.

You can also visit the Magritte Museum, with the artworks of famous Belgian surrealist artists, tourists also have the opportunity to Belgian Comic Strip Center, you'll remember the great man from your adventurous world, Tin Tin and his dog Snowy.

Lisbon, Portugal

Europe's second-oldest city after Athens, known as the history of the great voyage of Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magalhaens. You can find their stories in the Maritime Museum, with 17,000 objects with models of ships from the Age of Exploration.

Padrao dos Descobrimentos Monument reminds us of the exploration period, the statue of Henry the Navigator (and 30 other famous people from that era). Travelers can visit the existing defense system over the River Tagus in Torre de Belem Tower which is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its role in the Age of Discovery.

Different atmosphere at Coastal City, Aquarium of Lisbon, Oceanario de Lisboa. This area displays modern marine atmosphere that brings the message of conservation and safe fishing practices, as well as the beautiful beaches of Adraga.

Lisbon has many beautiful natural scenery, including a view of endless blue, and a city with a view of the sunset on the beach.

Berlin, Germany

Germany's capital, tourists will be brought in the past that has not been so long, you can find Checkpoint Charlie and buildings that still keep traces of bullets from World War period. The section parts of the Berlin Wall was still standing, as a reminder of the changing political direction and become a place of street art (graffiti wall).

Local and international artists got the 'space' for creativity through the former Berlin Wall surface as pieces of outdoor museum. You can enjoy the atmosphere in the past, sad memories during World War II, the Holocaust Memorial.

Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

Berlin is rich with parks and gardens, over 2,500 beautiful garden. Grunewald, an area of wooded be the ideal area for the citizens of the city and local residents. Standbad Wannsee to be a recreation area.

A city rich with hundreds of museums, including the famous museum, Museum Island and Pergamon Museum, an archaeological museum with collections such as Pergamun Altar.

Many choices of interesting cities for tourists in Europe, as reviewed in the first part section before, and in this second part article. Although in the end they will go back to one of the cities that suit their individual tastes of the tourists.

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Source: J Adrian - KompasTravel, Smarter Travel
Image: R Mailisa, M Kretyawan, P Widi Hatmi


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