Most Colorful Cities in the World - 1

Cities in the world with the characteristic colored buildings

Burano, Italy

The colorful houses can indeed give a special impression on a city, especially when citizens have a common vision in making their city more beautiful.

I read an article from a portal site, Kompas, wrote that several elements can make a city becomes so colorful, like the scenery, architectural style, cleanliness, tranquility, friendliness of its people and much more.

1. Burano, Venice, Italy

Four small islands in the north side of the lagoon of Venice, connected by a bridge. You'll be there, and lined housing in the island city, houses with colorful paint on both sides of the canal.

Art Walls of Burano

At first, the locals were mostly fishermen, they are often difficult to find the location of the island in the winter foggy, so they decided to paint the house with a variety of bright colors for easy recognition.

Times changes, the rules of tradition colored house in Burano make a little adjusting with the government permission.

2. Nyhavn, Denmark

The port district city in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen colored houses on either side of the city canal.

Wooden houses are generally built in the 17th century, and has now turned into a restaurant or cafe. All will give joy for tourists, and certainly as media work of the renowned Danish artist.

You would not expect to house number 20 who once occupied by the author of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen.

3. Willemstad, Curacao

The historic town of the 17th century was the capital of Curacao, a small country in the Caribbean Ocean and is now established as a world heritage city.

750 Dutch architectural style buildings with colorful ranging from government buildings, shopping centers, the residence of the citizens, the restaurant up to the office. With a full lineup is the most beautiful colored buildings that stood on the beach.

A long history in this city, when the Governor General Albert Kikkert in the 19th century, he suffered from migraines and reflection of sunlight from city buildings are painted a dazzling white, then he ordered the building changed its bright colors. And, continues to the present day.

4. Jodhpur, India

The old town surrounds the Fort Mehrangarh in Rajasthan region is known as the "Blue City", because of the bright blue color is used to coat many buildings in town.

There are 100 blue building near the walls of the castle, following the local belief, the citizens believe in the Brahmins, the highest caste in Hindu beliefs, which was originally paint their houses blue to distinguish their homes with lower-caste homes.

Habits are then copied by other townspeople, and you can see a very unique city with a dominant blue color around the city.

The blue color is also regarded as a symbol of resistance against the intense heat in the Thar desert that surrounds the city, home to more cool and prevent mosquitoes.

5. Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Located in the foothills outside of Cape Town, South Africa, known for its colorful row houses and narrow roads made of cobblestone arrangement.

Bo-Kaap as colorful historic city since the 16th and 17th century, when the slaves brought by the Dutch from Southeast Asian and other African regions to arrive in Cape Town.

In 1760 the houses were rented out to the slaves and then they paint with different colors to express freedom and happiness.

The article continues in the second part, and the next part will be presented five more colorful cities in the world in other places, all look different and attractive. You'll like it.

Continued to Part 2.

Source: Kompas, The Mysterious World
Image: Revna Rumambi


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