Safe Stay at the Hotel from Former CIA

Advice from a former member of the state intelligence agency

The Westin neighborhood, New York

Safe and comfortable in a hotel as possible into the expectations of many tourists when going to visit a tourist area. Many considerations and ultimately the tourists will choose exactly a place to stay.

You may agree, this time I got an article the results of browsing in a lifestyle site, although probably review of this news had been read by several other friends. But, somehow I want to lift it into this blog site, given the year-end holiday is getting closer.

He, the former member of the CIA said, in addition to the issue of a ticket, you should be careful when it comes to lodging. Price is important, but also about the security, you have to observe the location around the hotel.

1. Make a copy of the sheet of fire evacuation pathways that are commonly available in hotel rooms. You need to know where it is going to run out of trouble.

2. Close the window and room curtains, and turn on the lights when leaving the room.

3. Avoid flashy clothes when it comes to an inn or hotel, do not even overreacting in front of other peoples.

4. Avoid choosing rooms on the bottom floor, because it was too crowded people walking around. Also the room on the top floor, because it was too quiet. Both are prone to burglary of a thief.

5. Stay turn on the television every time, even with a small volume.

6. Hang tag sign "Do Not Disturb" when inside or outside the room.

7. Learn about or know about any equipment in the room that can be used as a weapon, if someone tries to disturb you.

8. Enter the important objects in your way, such as ID cards, passports, tickets and wallet in a special bag, and can be immediately taken. You can put it in an accessible place when you're going out of the room.

Regardless you want to relax on your travel trip, so sometimes you often forget important things, and being alert is also required.

Especially when you're on the way along with other family members, or with your best friends.

Source: A Kusumawardhani - CNN Indonesia
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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