Don't Rush Order Salads at Fast Food Restaurants

Salad at the restaurant was not fully friends lose weight

Tossed salad with toppings - Image credit jeffreyw

Recipes for weight loss, according to the story develops is - one of them - by eating salads on a regular basis when you eat out, at morning time, noon and night. I do not know where this story began, only has become a norm and lifestyle.

It should be recognized that eating salad is believed to favor a diet program that may be undertaken, or say to give balance to the body which has entered the food containing carbo hydrates.

The salads that contain fruit or vegetables cut is considered the most healthy and the right to keep the calories into the body.

Even if you are on a diet, and then traveled to various countries, either business purposes or are traveling with a few of close friends, eat a salad can be regarded as one of the culinary fun activity.

You're traveling and then remain disciplined to go on a diet. In front of your desk there presented a portion of salad sliced ​​tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce. This is healthy vegetables, isn't it?

According to a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, last November 19, wrote that you should not rush order salads at restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, was not entirely friendly to reduce body weight.

Being a new fact this time, several fast food restaurants have their own 'tricks' when preparing salads, as written on the sites She Finds, that may look healthy vegetables, but try you watch its 'dressing' or sauce.

Some of the mixture is put into salad dressings to enhance the flavor to make it more palatable, then this will impact the extra addition of calories in a serving of salad.

A certified nutritional consultant, Stacy Goldberg said, "Salad usually have a lot of dressing. And usually this will increase the calories and saturated fat in the body."

"There are hidden sources of sugar in the salad included in the salad dressing - especially those that are sweet like raspberry sauce or poppyseed. Coupled with dried fruit and nut caramel. The amount of sugar will increase dramatically," she added in explanation.

The desire to maintain body weight in a variety of daily activities, a business trip or when traveling, be careful with the amount of carbohydrates hidden.

Salad is not always synonymous with healthy, when it contains packing material made from carbo fried crispy, like onion rings, or even croutons. Should you be keen to see stuffing and eating as well as additional to the dressing.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, She Finds
Image: jeffreyw via Wikipedia


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