Latest Trump Hotel located near The White House

Donald Trump officially moved into his official residence in Washington DC

Pennsylvania Ave - Old Post Office to the Capitol at Night - Image Credit Wyn Van Devanter

Latest Hotel, belonging to the 45th president-elect of the United States seems to have been considered with a long time, proven since the distant days of the period before the campaign, hotel development has taken place.

Trump was relieved to get through the presidential election on November 8th, and is now able to inaugurate his luxury hotel with 263 rooms at the rate of USD 484, The Trump International Hotel Washington DC.

One thing is sure that his hotel building adjacent to the White House which is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in the meantime his hotel is located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The public can guess it, that he had a good calculation, because the invited guests can officially consider this hotel on the day of his inauguration as President of the United States, January 17th, 2017.

Citing the news sites, KompasTravel, November 12th, this hotel building occupies an old building that was used as a post office. Truly luxurious and grand hotel, besides the rooms, The Trump International Hotel Washington DC also has 35 suites.

Presidential Suite with three rooms have a spacious 371 square meters, a 4.8 meters ceiling height at the rate US$ 15,000, and the hotel also provided the other suite types for specific guest needs, namely Trump Townhouse at the rate of US$ 20,000, a two-bedroom apartment with direct access floor to the Pennsylvania Avenue.

Daughter of Donald Trump who served as Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition Trump Organization to the news site, USA Today, September 13th, 2016, Ivanka said, "Our team works tirelessly to maintain elements of the historic old post office, at the same time created a class world hotel."

The site wrote that the architects and designers who do remodeling part of the floor, walls and fireplaces without losing the essence of the classic with some special facilities, such as Benjamin Bar and Lounge, and The Spa by Ivanka Trump, as well as well as an observation deck with a view of the Clock Tower.

Maybe you are interested in one day while visiting Washington DC, and do not miss the chance turned toward Pennsylvania Avenue, the hotel looked stands proudly there.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, USA Today
Image: Wyn Van Devanter via Wikipedia


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