Penis Museum Bring Laughter of the Visitors

The Phallological Museum in Iceland with a wide collection of human and animal penis

The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavík - Image credit ThomasWF

Male genitalia accompany you when visiting Reykjavík, and all of them gave a special impression on visitors, intense and exciting!

Articles on the site KompasTravel, November 27th, record the furor of the museum visitors, The Icelandic Phallological Museum visitors are able to bring laughter, when they see 286 collections of both of male human and animal genitalia.

"You can be educated and at the same time can have fun," said Hjortur Sigurdsson, one of the manager of the museum. All come from a long story that is part of his story.

Starting from his father, Sigurdur Hjartarson, a historian who works as a teacher for 37 years with an idea that might be less common, but it is unique. In 1997, his father opened a museum with a collection of genitals as much as 62 specimens only.

I'm sure they really have a good sense of humor, something that might not have thought of others before him, he was moved to do so.

1980, Hjartarson has added a collection of 13 specimens, 9 of terrestrial mammals and four whales, continues to grow more as many as 34 specimens for a decade.

You will know, after a few years he was also thinking to show the penis of the human species, Sigurdsson said that human specimens sent by donor Icelandic 96-year-old, but he was worried about the penis shrinks with age.

Well, the hard work of Sigurdsson was not in vain, because the museum is developing in such a way, citing the Daily Mail, you can enjoy the presentation of the human penis exhibited together with the penis of a variety of other animals, both marine animals and mammals.

Just believe, you will feel the shock witnessed various types of penis sizes, ranging from the smallest size, owned by two millimeter-sized hamster, and up to the largest penis size of 1.7 meter long sperm whale.

A tourist from the United States, Jerry Anderson on the sites AFP, enjoy a display of lampshades made from bull testicles, human penis of Icelandic man aged 95 years, and the tree trunk carved into the shape of a penis.

"I came to see if it is true, that there is a penis museum in Reykjavík."

He was surprised, I think it is understandable. Showcase their genitals is something incredible.

Source: Ni Luh Made Pertiwi - KompasTravel, AFP, Daily Mail
Image: ThomasWF via Wikipedia


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