Filling Reviews Column At The Hotel

Is the hotel guests need to fill out the review after stays?

Swiss Belhotel, Celebes

Booked accommodation in the application or site accommodation booking is always accompanied by additional demand from the site manager, ie the review request sent via e-mail.

How do you respond to something like this, and is it important?

As the holiday season nears, sometimes all it went by so fast, you're suddenly busy, and need to reply to the message from your gadget applications, from friends who will take part in your sightseeing trip, well... The situation will be fleeting, so you skip a column reviews of places to stay.

You will be asked, whether so it is important to do this, how important your review for an accommodation? A tourist sites, KompasTravel to review this case, perhaps we deserve consideration.

Maybe we can guess as to what the purpose behind it, for instance for the management of tourism sector in the world, they need input from the tourists who suffered directly.

An interview with that site, Country Director of Agoda International Indonesia, at the launch campaign #agodabasecamp in Jakarta, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Gede Gunawan said about specific aspects of the input of the tourists who fill the columns reviews.

"Review is very important because it is unique for Agoda, can only be written by a customer who stay at the hotel and pay at the hotel. So it is very valid and useful for the hotel and the customer."

We can observe in detail the points that need to be filled, as well as a review on a hotel that usually includes cleanliness, hotel services, the condition of the room, and the location, beneficial for both parties, both the accommodation providers and accommodation enthusiasts.

He added in the interview, "Create a customer is important to look at reviews. Before the book, they will feel comfortable and do not feel cheated, especially the millennial generation at this time."

The positive side for the providers of tourist accommodation, because of the input of the tourists is necessary, they will be able to learn any reviews provided by guests.

In terms of rating, input from other travelers who had already located in a tourist location might be a hint that help will decide when their travel themselves.

Source: S Agmasari – KompasTravel, Agoda
Image: G Badaruzzaman


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