Open Restaurants, Culinary Feast in Israel

The area around Jerusalem, better known as a destination for religious tourism


Culinary tourism in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, especially in Israel might be nice to hear at this time, even for most travelers from around the world though. Something different, isn't it?

But if you are aware, in accordance news excerpt from the sites CNN Indonesia, November 26th, the majority of residents and tourists in Jerusalem fun partying culinary, and this really happening there.

According to the news since Tuesday, last November 22nd, a culinary event in the form of Open Restaurants culinary festival which lasted for five days. People crowded at hummus outlets and pomegranate juice in the main square of the Old Town, inhabited by Christians and Moslems.

Quoting the sites Times of Israel, Havatzelet Ohayon, head of the group around the market that look busy overseeing the festival, greets visitors to stop at one of the taverns of delicious pastries sprinkled with sesame.

"Old Town is rarely known for its local cuisine," he said.

After the last three years the festival was held in Tel Aviv, every March, and this time is different because the Open Restaurants - initiated jointly by the activists of food and the chef, moved to Jerusalem, followed by restaurants, markets, tourist destinations around the city center.

Indeed, there are other reasons there why this event moved, namely the implementation of Mahane Yehuda market in the city center, as explained by Jason Pearlman, press relation festival.

"Residents of Tel Aviv can get to know the atmosphere here, especially at night when the store is closed, but the bar and restaurant open."

When you to go there, you'll be fascinated to see the excitement of the event, about 20 culinary themed event was held, workshops, tours, exhibitions and talk shows.

Regional awareness on tourism increasingly broad in scope and remote areas around Jerusalem know has a diverse culinary potential. While urban areas thrive serving upscale food heritage of the Renaissance, the transitional period of the 14th-17th century.

Mt Sinai - Illustration

Typical cuisine in Israel with the basic ingredients of wheat, beans, vegetables, and then developed under the influence of Turkey, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, as well as culinary influences from Europe.

Exciting festivals in Israel, when people from different countries flock to Old Town along with the type of their favorite foods, such as pomegranate juice from Iran, or syrup for custard sauce of malabi, maklouba menu (a type of rice steamed chicken), and hummusiya (a type of food spreads made from beans).

If that is not enough, you will find different types of bread from the Ottoman Empire era, such awami, baklava, namoura and kanafeh.

Food seems to be a medium to be nostalgic for an era of the past.

Source: V Probo - CNN Indonesia, the Times of Israel
Image: L Priyanti, E Longbotham


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