Traveled and a Free Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

Weight Watchers, a dream job for those who love travel and eating

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Free meal at an expensive restaurant is something special that may be experienced by a person with additional salary per month, you probably never thought of this unique experience. But. Apparently there is a job that allows this to happen.

This is good news for anyone, citing articles in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, yesterday, Sophie Hardy, 25-year-old woman from Durham, England was experiencing a dream come true.

She worked as Weight Watchers, that as an officer of the food (Official Eating Officer) by way of travel to the whole of the UK, then dine at fancy restaurants and most popular in the UK twice a week.

This article is also featured on the sites Cosmopolitan, wrote that Sophie has a job description to test a variety of menu choices that are healthy and delicious while following SmartPoints system of Weight Watchers. This method uses a simple counting system that assesses food based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.

She has a role to find a restaurant that according to her assessment, then the restaurant will be approved by the Weight Watchers.

A profession that is in line with the tastes of most travelers, you can imagine when it would be fun for tourists who love culinary hunting. Inconceivable is no such kind of profession.

And, apparently all there is cause, the profession Official Eating Officer appeared, after Weight Watchers reported that 71 percent of British people who are on a diet find it difficult to socialize while eating healthy, and now proven that people can travel at once could eat healthily.

As the quote from Metro's website, Weight Watchers program manager, Julia Westgarth said, "Our food Officers will demonstrate and guide people to choose foods with smart."

Apparently, someone to eat activities can be managed properly, the program that can control the portions of food that can help achieve long-term diet success.

How's Sophie Hardy now? Originally her weight range from 112 kg, now having served it dropped to 110 kg.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Cosmopolitan, Metro
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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