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The closer the year end holiday for many tourists in the world

Hotel lobby - Image Credit G Badaruzzaman, Swissbelhotel

Year-end holidays should be prepared from now, have not you had already thought of all the possibilities that can happen, to plan a vacation trip with your family or loved ones. That would be terrific.

You even think about the flight schedule, the airline that you prefer, airfare or other transportation, as well as hotel accommodation.

You will know that choosing the hotel room looks nice, but according to the sites Travel+Leisure, the situation is not that easy. There are situations when we book a hotel room, hotel bookings performed by users of the site in 2015, it turns out there is the best time to book a hotel room.

Interesting picture as reviewed in the sites KompasTravel, some time ago can be considered.

1. Order on Sunday

Expedia see that Sunday is the best day to make a reservation than on other days. Especially if you're doing is booking on the same day.

2. Last minute booking

Booking on the same day or last minute booking could be an option to get the best room rates. Hotel room rate is getting "better", if the date you book your room and period of stay is getting closer.

3. Date of bookings

Expedia recorded average daily hotel room rates at the lowest available 21 to 28 days before the date of stay. So, the opposite of last minute booking, booked ahead of time about 21-28 days, also be looking for the best in finding hotel rooms at low rates.

4. Best Month

The average hotel room rate lowest in November and January. While in July, August and March are the average of the highest hotel room rates.

5. Find in different areas

More analysis is a recommendation to seek the city "neighbors" to save the cost of stay. For example, if you are to Britain, lodging in the area of Tower Hill, Shoreditch, Hoxton, Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, and Dalston, can save the cost of staying in around London.

No harm if you consider the tips above, a bit much to make you more confident to carry out a fabulous holiday at the end of the year.

Source: KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: G Badaruzzaman


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